Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exploring the creative side of the children!!!

This Saturday at Unnati's school children's teacher couldn't come. So it was up to the volunteers as what activity we conduct for the children. Drawing sessions had been carried out from time to time. So we thought of doing something different.

Finally we decided to conduct a collage session for the children. It was a very new thing for the children. Even we had tried such kind of stuff long back when we were small. So it was sort of new thing even for us. But anyways we went ahead with it.

So we gathered the required things: chart paper, glue, old magazines and newspapers, scissors, etc.

Everyone busy with their work!!!

Initially it was a bit difficult to explain to the children as what was to be done. So we just asked them to cut different objects they can see in the magazines and paste them on the sheets.

Every work requires concentration!!!

To involve the children in a better way we pasted a blank chart paper on a board and asked the children to paste on their favorite photo which they got from the magazines.

Where will I find my favorite pic!!!

Children are also getting some help!!!

I need to hurry up!!!

See even I have found something!!!

Children pasting their favorite pics!!!

Here is the 1st masterpice!!!

For two other chart papers we gave a "people" theme to children where they could put pics only having people in them. And we got a great variety. Children had amazing choices.

A great work in making!!!!

And here is the 2nd one!!!

And finally the 3rd one!!!
Which one is the best??

After the collage work was done, children were asked to clean up everything. And they did it so diligently. These children are really disciplined.

See even I am helping in cleaning!!!

Let's finish the work fast!!!

So finally we are done with the work!!!

Now we want to fly away!!!

Celebrating those little moments at Unnati!!!

The previous Saturday we also showed Tom and Jerry animation movie to the children. Most of them must have never seen a laptop closely before. They were really happy to watch the animation show. A lot of things can be done with a classroom.

Every one watching keenly!!!

Who is smarter, Tom or Jerry:)) ??

With all these little initiatives, we are trying to fill the moments which these children would otherwise miss in their childhood. There are so things to enjoy, to learn for a child. But they should be given an opportunity for it. These children are no less talented than the other children who go to English medium schools and learn computers. What we need to do is to provide a good learning atmosphere for these children, which will help in creating a better future for them by enhancing both their academic and creative potential.



At Thursday, June 14, 2007 8:38:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so sweet and touching. How can I be a part of this or contribute something?

At Friday, September 14, 2007 9:43:00 AM, Blogger Dheeraj said...

Its really gr8, That shows , u r the person who are living actual life..I want to join u all to enjoy this life.I don't want this life as Air without touch feelings...


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