Saturday, March 10, 2007

What she has to say!!!..

I hope you all must have already seen the pictures of Holi at Mobile Creches ... Now you all must be knowing Sandra too...

Here is what she has to say...

For as long back as I can remember, it has seemed to me that India is the world’s most beautiful country. After a five-week holiday here some years ago, I made up my mind that I would come back again. And now I am here – not as a visitor but as an Evalueserve employee with Gurgaon.

My original plan was to travel around on weekends and discover the fantastic places all around me. But then, I read an article about volunteer projects – and realized that this was that what I really wanted to do. Being in contact with underprivileged people, teaching and helping children who cannot afford to go to school to acquire an education (and often do not have enough to eat), and helping them aspire to a better life – that is so much more important than only looking at a wonderful landscape!

Well, at first I was really afraid of doing this. (I am a real coward and am afraid of everyone and everything!) I was worried whether the children would like me and how I would communicate with them, since I do not speak Hindi and they do not know English.

However, when we went there and I met the children for the first time, I was so happy – nothing can compare with the beautiful experience I had interacting with them. They were so happy seeing us, and although they are so poor and deprived of opportunities all children should have, they were so friendly. They called me Didi – what an honor for me! They were not afraid of me at all. Moreover, language was not a problem. I tried to teach them English and they taught me Hindi. I think they really enjoyed hearing me trying to speak Hindi, making mistakes all the time. It was great fun for me too.

I cannot imagine spending my weekends in a better way than working with these children. And whenever I have time (and you can be sure I will do almost anything to make time for these children), I would like to spend it with them, teaching them, helping them, and trying to make a difference in their lives.

-- Sandra

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