Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Saturday at Unnati's School............!

So here comes another weekend for the volunteers!!!

But it was a typical school day for the children of Unnati. So we thought of making it fun for the children. Afterall going to school should also means fun!!!

So the day starts with who all can recite poems.

One needs confidence to speak in front of everyone!!!

Even I don't hesitate in coming forward!!!

Here the drawing session begins for the children. All want to show their creative skills. No theme is given to them. Everyone starts drawing according to their wish.

I can draw really well; just give me some time to finish!!!

Some younger children just want to do the coloring. So they ask their teacher to give them something to color :)

Teacher, please give me some drawings to fill with colors!!!

My name is Priya, and what is yours??

Everyone is busy with their work!!!

See I can read this book!!!

Given the right kind of environment to learn, along with some guidance and encouragement can do wonders for the education of these children. Every child needs proper nurturing to grow up as a competent individual.

I want to fill this drawing with so many colors!!!

I want to ride on this school bus!!!

Will I get a "good" for my work?? Please tell me teacher!!!

Want to meet my friends??

Meet my new friends at school!!!

We girls are no less than boys!!!

Whose smile is the best??

Can you see my "close-up" smile at behind??

Even I want to be in the photo along with these kids!!!

Time for a group photo.......Say Cheese!!!!

How is my drawing??

And how is this one??

Which is the best one??

An online drawing exhibition!!!

We had a great time with the children at their school. It was reminiscent of our own school days too.

We all should try a little from our side to enable education for the children, for whom going to school otherwise just remains a dream. A little bit of time from our weekly schedules and some fund raising on a regular basis for running such initiatives can help in starting hundreds of such schools across India. Let's not wait to do it when we will get some more time, when we will be a bit free, when we will go to this place, when the things will seem right!!! Let's start the change from where we are.........We will be able to find the time...........Things will get right........Let's be the change we want to see..........!



At Tuesday, May 22, 2007 11:26:00 AM, Blogger Deepak said...

Hey.. can i participate in the exhibition...

Though i am not a good painter but still i can draw fingers :) if not a hand atleast...

At Tuesday, May 22, 2007 4:15:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

super effort


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