Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Unnati at its best!!!

A view from inside..

Can you see how happy these kids are studying in school...

They want to study... they are different... they are not the ones who want to spend their life picking rags...

They are just like us..

Have you ever seeen a hand like this...

This picture is drawn by 'Hansa', a very good student and an innocent girl at Unnati. You would always see her similing in the classroom.

She wants to fill everything with colors..

Here she comes...
This is our teacher :)

She reminds me of my Hindi teacher. I was very afraid of her in school.
When i visited the classroom at Unnati for the first time, she looked at me and I couldn't stop gazing at her and I felt like she would say "Deepak!!! where were you, I don't know how many times i have told you to write clearly, when are you going to learn"

But she is good :) bach gaya

Did you see that...

Commitment of these kids!!

They have came up with their own ways to come to school. I also felt like cycling... it would be fun!! :)

I am bored of bikes :(

Now look at her, she would be half of my size and see her dedication...

These children really want to study.... they want to be like us!!
Shouldn't we help them...


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