Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hurreey Picnic Time!!!!

Here is how Nishank describes it:

The volunteers who went for the picnic were Manish, Rachit, Saikat, Sachin and me.

For Manish and Rachit it was the time they were interacting with Mobile Crèches kids. The bus for the picnic started from Mobile Crèches center at 11 o'clock. There were total 40 kids and all were excited about going for a picnic (these kinds of outings are rare things for them!!!). The bus it seemed was a little bigger for them as they were sitting in a very disciplined manner. (I was expecting lot of hulla gulla
The bus took around an hour to reach Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. In the bus we were trying to talk to the kids but seems they were more engrossed watching the sceneries outside. After reaching the sanctuary we had a group photo with the kids. We never expected that we could get such a serene and natural surroundings near Gurgaon. At that time we also came to knew that children from another Mobile Creches center too have joined us for the picnic and soon we had a bunch of around 80 kids. After going inside the sanctuary, first we went to a small gallery containing posters of different migratory birds along with detailed information about them. The children were looking at them with lot of curiosity.

Then we moved on to go near the lake where most of the birds were there. The lake had some marshy areas to keep the birds at bay from people visiting there. After reaching near the lake we realized that we were missing binoculars. (After all there is a difference between a sanctuary and a zoo). However, the children enjoyed even seeing the birds from a distance. Rachit and Saikat were busy photographing birds using zoom of the camera. Manish and Sachin were busy ensuring kids were not running here and there.

After spending some time near the lake all the children gathered near a tree. There we all sat down and few of the children recited poems. Even Sachin recited a poem for the children which the children followed in chorus. After spending some time there we realized that it was lunch time for the children. We finally decided to return to the bus. While returning we realized that we had come along a long way. The kids were going in small groups. They were asking lot of questions out of their curiosity which we were trying to answer in our best capacity. J For the lunch we went to a park just next to the sanctuary. All the kids were made to sit in a big circle and the lunch was served for them.

After the lunch the children started running here and there and were enjoying playing among the greenery. We also had a brief drawing session for the kids where they were supposed to draw watching the natural surroundings. Then children were then given toffees. Finally it was the time to wrap up and go back.

While returning the bus had to stop near a railway signal for about fifteen minutes. The children got a chance to see "Chuk Chuk Rail Gaadi". Finally the bus reached Mobile Crèches center at 5 o'clock. The children were very happy that they went on a picnic. It was really nice to see their smiling faces.

If you want to watch the complete album for the Mobile Crèches picnic, you can follow this link (courtesy Rachit) :

Hope we keep having similar events for children in the future.


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At Wednesday, May 02, 2007 11:44:00 PM, Blogger vaishali said...

Its very nice to see that you people trying to educate children who are deprived of education and giving them way to lead ahead, and its more good to know that young people like you ocming forward , and thinking about other people instead of being mean and money minded, hope you keep it up and educate more and more children and make the india rreally shining .


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