Sunday, January 28, 2007

CSR in AID Gurgaon

With efforts of the volunteers finally we were able to successfuly form a fully functional CSR team in the first company Evalueserve. Wouldn't you like to know why i mentioned it as fully functional?

Here are the few points lined up:
  • Successful completion of winter clothes drive
  • Successful execution of teaching program of the house boys within the company by CSR volunteers
  • Success of bottoms-up approach in forming a CSR team
  • Involving CSR volunteers in other AID Gurgaon projects such as Mobile Creches
  • Growing volunteers every month
  • Donation drive
  • and lots more
Now the plan is to form similar CSR teams in other companies in Gurgaon. A list of companies have been identified and bottoms-up approach will be used to form the core of the CSR team.

Keep checking this post for the updates....


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