Thursday, March 23, 2006

“Something” turned out to be much more..

Hey people,

After lots of efforts and dishum dishum with blogger for the day, Ajay was not able to log on and finally he has to use my ID.

Ajay's experience of his first visit to Mobile Creches:

Deepak asked me “Are you coming to Mobile Crèches this Saturday” and without thinking much I said yes, may be will do something rather than sitting idle at home and watching TV. But “something” turned out to be much more than what I had thought of.

The plan was to meet in front of Cyber Park building at 10:00 am. I was a little late and reached there around 10:08. I found no familiar face and thought that it may be because I am late. But it turned out to be other way round. Anyways, all the people who planned to go to MC that day reached the Cyber Park building around 10:30. After everybody was there we (Deepak, Saurabh, Priyanka, Sapna and I) left for MC. One thing worth mentioning, as Deepak has already included in one of his previous mails to AID Gurgaon, that Sapna was well on time.

When we reached the gate of MC we could clearly hear the voices of the kids. As this was my first visit, I saw in one corner kids were studying, while in other, kids from one to three years of age were crying while some were busy in their own world. When they saw us they started shouting namaste didi and sometimes in between namaste bhaiya could also be heard :((. Some came running towards Saurabh expecting him to lift them over his shoulders and after that what could have happened you know, he could not have let their expectations down. Deepak also got busy with kids and Priyanka and Sapna started playing with small (one to three year old) kids. After namastes (milna milana) was over Saurabh started teaching them how to make frog (Origamy), while rest of us joined the kids. It was great fun throughout the time we were busy learning how to make a frog. Ooops, I forgot to mention about Neha, who also joined us a few minutes after we reached there. Well, it seemed she was really good and experienced at spending times with kids.

After the frog was made, one more thing was left to be done and that thing was teaching kids about computers. That required a lot of efforts and who other than Deepak (Masters in khidki, Certified by Bill Gates institute) could have done it better. All the kids were excited and surrounded Deepak, sitting with Laptop in his lap, and we could not see and hear what happened after that.
It was their lunch time and time for us to leave, guess what; again a lot of didi was heard with some bhaiya in between. When we were coming out I heard one of the kids asking when are you going to come back? And we all know the answer to this question we will be going this Saturday and will be a part of their sports day.

See everybody there…

Disclaimer: The information and thoughts in this post is the property of Ajay Panwar. I am no where involved. Though i wanted to make some modifications but i'm going to do them in comments. (I will see you Ajay)


At Thursday, March 23, 2006 7:58:00 AM, Blogger Deepak said...

grrr....I was on timeeeee....

At Friday, March 24, 2006 1:20:00 PM, Blogger Deepak said...

Ok ok i accept i was a bit late...

but i left from my home on time (Oops... i think that time was to reach not to leave)

At Saturday, March 25, 2006 7:23:00 AM, Anonymous Chakshu said...

Deepak i guess time is a relative concept. I mean if I was before you that means you were late...... :p


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